Alfonso Monarres, DDS, MS.

The high clinical success of dental implant restorations in the last
three decades has position this type of therapy as
the number one
option for the replacement of missing teeth.

Dental implants are a special type of titanium screws that are placed
in the mandible/maxillary bone and are used to assist the retention
and stability of a prosthesis that  replaces either a single missing
tooth, multiple missing teeth or all the teeth in the mouth.

Implant therapy consists of two phases:

Surgical phase.  The placement of one or multiple implants in the
areas where teeth are missing.

-Prosthetic phase.  The fabrication of a prosthesis supported/retained
by implants that replaces the missing teeth giving back function and
improved esthetic appearance to the patient.

Current technology, procedures and implant designs allow us to
shorten  treatment times significantly and to eliminate patient
discomfort during and after treatment.
Advantages of Dental Implant therapy
- Most effective and conservative way to replace a missing tooth.
- Best long term prognosis and more cost effective treatment.
- Preservation of existing bone and prevention of future bone loss.
- Provides retention, stability and support to loose and uncomfortable         
  dentures,single crowns and bridges.
- Improved masticatory function and esthetic appearance.
- Highly predictable.
- Replacement of missing teeth and restoration of function in one day   
for ideal candidates.
Dental Implants
Replacement of single missing tooth with a dental implant and restoration of
adjacent natutal teeth with all-ceramic crowns by Dr. Monarres
Replacement of patient's terminal dentition  with multiple dental implants
and fixed mandibular prosthesis by Dr. Monarres
After Treatment
Before Treatment
Replacement of patient's missing lower teeth with multiple dental implants
and fixed mandibular prosthesis by Dr. Monarres
Patient had multiple
problems with his two
central incisors including
root fracture due to a
previous  accident.
His teeth were extracted
and two implants were
placed immediately.
His teeth are now  
replaced with dental
implants and ceramic
This patient replaced his
missing upper and
severely damaged
lower dentition with
fixed teeth using dental
implants in
only one

He now enjoys his
wonderful new smile.